Friday, 29 September 2017

fREADdom ~ Recognizing Banned Book Week

Ms. Hayward rocking her Banned Book Sock for Banned Book Week

This week (Sept. 24-30) has been Banned Book Week.  No, that doesn't mean that I am banning books from the library!

Banned Book Week is when we stand up against censorship (when someone tries to tell you what information you can or cannot see) and celebrate our rights to read.

Throughout history there have been people who try to tell others what they should or shouldn't be reading.  They think they know best and everyone should think the way they do.  When someone want to ban a book they challenge it.  Others try and defend it.  There are lots of different reasons someone might challenge a book.  Some of those reasons are serious and some are silly

The Book on Our Book Display & Why they were banned:

* To Kill a Mockingbird: Racial Slurs
*Where the Wild Things Are: Supernatural Elements
*Green Eggs and Ham: Marxist
*Adventure of Tom Sawyer: Racial Slurs
*Blubber: the mean kids weren't punished
*Are You There God, It' Me Margaret: talked about puberty
*Fahrenheit 451: the characters burned a Bible
*Harry Potter: Supernatural Elements
*A Light in the Attic: encouraged children to break dishes so they didn't have to wash them
*The Wizard of Oz: depicted women in strong leadership roles

As your librarian, I believe that your Intellectual Freedom is very important.  I believe, that for you to be knowledgeable, open-minded inquirers and thinkers, and effective communicators, you need to be able to have access to a variety of information that contain different ideas and perspectives.
So let's all celebrate our rights to read 

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