Wednesday, 27 September 2017

"Why do we need a librarian anyway?"

As I mentioned in the newsletter, last week a student stopped by the library and asked me, "Why do we need a librarian, anyway?"  I thought that was a GREAT question and so I asked our MYP and DP students what they thought on Tuesday.

They came up with lots of answers.  Some included:

(1) "To organize the library, help sign books out, 
and make sure they have access to all the information."

This is true.  Part of my job is the organization of the library.  Thus far, I have sorted through the entire library; removing items that we no longer need in the library or are no longer appropriate (to make room for some great new items!). I am in the process of "cataloging" our collection which means I am putting all the books into our new computer system so they can be searched and signed out/in so we know who has which books so I can chase down overdue book (hopefully I won't be doing too much of that!).  We are then re-shelving all the books to make them easily accessible.

(2) "To manage the students behaviour." and/or 
"To control the students so they aren't partying in the library."

Well, that makes me sound a bit like a Strict-Shushing Dragon Lady Librarian!  (I promise I'm not - though I might "shush" you a little when things get a little too loud).  I'm not going to be "controlling" anyone (I believe you all know how to control yourselves) but I am there to remind you of library behaviour expectations so that everyone can enjoy the space.  We may not be "partying" but the library can still be fun.

(3) "To help us find information."
A librarian is an information specialist.  I am here to help you develop your research skills. I am here to help you with citing your research resources and following our Academic Honesty Policy.  I am here to point you in the right direction to find the answers to your inquiries.  I am here to help you develop your ability to tell the difference between real and fake news.  I am here to help you navigate the worlds of digital literacy and copyright. And I am here to introduce you to the wonders of reading! 

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