Sunday, 28 January 2018

New Year, New Books!

I've been so focused on finishing up the library's new organization (almost there!) that I just realized I haven't posted about our first batch of new books!  Our new books were on display for a week which allowed everyone to take a look and sign up for what they'd like to sign out; creating a "hold list"
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When new resources come in they have to be processed.  This involves several steps:
(1) they are entered into the catalogue computer system
(2) they are stamped with St. Jude's Academy stamp
(3) the inside cover front and back, outer spine, and outer cover edge are taped to help preserve the book's shelf life. 
(4) shelf labels and bar codes will be added

This week students have been very excited to start checking the new books (and I have been very excited to hear what they think of each new book).

Our New Books Include:

  • The Complete Set of Harry Potter 
  • Harry Potter: The Cursed Child
  • The Baby-Sitter's Club Graphic Novels (Books #15-5)
  • a selection of Robert Munsch books
  • The Pigeon books by Mo Willems
  • a selection of Elephant & Piggie (by Mo Willems) readers 

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